CNN news 2017-05-15

"Primed and ready for a sixth nuclear test", words describing North Korea from an organization that monitors the communist Asian country. Analysts from 38 North had been looking at satellite image. They say the increased activity at a North Korean testing site, like new equipment coming in, and water being pumped into the area, it all suggests that another nuclear test is imminent.

Even though the international community considers its nuclear program illegal, it's a source of national pride for North Korea and its controversial leader, Kim Jong-un. For foreign journalists allowed inside the country, getting a glimpse of him is a tightly controlled opportunity.

SUBTITLE: cnn sent to secretive North Korea event.

WILL RIPLEY, cnn INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: It's not even 5:00 a.m. yet. I got woken up a few minutes ago with a call from our minders saying that we need to put on suits, bring light gear and leave the hotel right now for a major event.

We've been given this press bands which we will now have to wear on our arms.

A convoy of buses heading out.

So, we have been told that we need to leave our cellphones here in the vehicle.

Now, we're here on the street. It's completely closed off. Tens of thousands of people are moving in here, all signs that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will probably be here.

The North Koreans are showing the opening of a brand new street full of apartment buildings. They want to show the world, despite international sanctions, despite diplomatic isolation, they can still complete projects like this and they credit one person, their supreme leader.

The crowd is silent. There's very heavy security. You can see top Workers Party leadership lined up there. And when the military band plays one particular tune, that signals the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is arriving.

Five years into his role, it is clear that he holds absolute power over this country. Relaxed, confident, appearing firmly in control.

And with that, Kim Jong-un cut the red ribbon, walked back to his black Mercedes limousine and drove away.