CNN news 2017-01-06

AZUZ: OK. Up next, a pipeline that shuttles gasoline to the U.S. Southeast has been shut down. Gas prices are going up in several states.

Gas shortages are possible in some areas.

Any if these sound familiar? The same pipeline was temporarily closed in September, causing the same problems. A leak led to an 11-day shutdown at that time.

Earlier this week, a construction crew in Alabama accidentally hit the pipeline with a piece of heavy equipment. It caused a massive explosion, killing one worker and injuring five others.

This pipeline, the Colonial Pipeline, is important, because it runs from refineries in Houston, Texas, all the way up to terminals in New Jersey.

One oil analyst characterized it as the aorta of East Coast gasoline supplies. Governors in Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina are taking steps to try to avoid gas shortages and keep prices from shooting up. The pipeline could reopen this Saturday.