CNN news 2016-12-27

AZUZ: Three world cities suffered three deadly terrorist attacks over the weekend. The first was in the Turkish city of Istanbul. On Saturday night, after a crowded soccer game, there were two explosions, one from a remote-controlled car bomb, another from a suicide bomber. At least 44 people were killed and 150 wounded.

The group that said it was responsible is known to target the Turkish military and police, but a cnn military analyst says it commonly kills civilian in the process.

On Sunday morning, in Cairo, Egypt, an explosion at a Coptic Christian church killed at least 25 people and left dozens of others injured. There were no immediate claims of responsibilities for this bombing. But Egypt's Coptic Christian minority has been attacked repeatedly in recent years, often by Islamic militants.

Also on Sunday, in Mogadishu, the largest city and capital of Somalia, a car bomb rammed the entrance of a port claiming at least 20 lives there. Al-Shabaab, an Islamic terrorist group linked to al Qaeda, said it was targeting police officers.