Anna is feeling homesick. Marsha helps her by listening to her talk about her family.

Let's Learn English is a new course for English learners. Certified American English teachers designed the course for beginners. The course continues for 52 weeks.

Let's Learn English (YOLO美语)是美国之音最新推出的视频教学课程,由英语专业教师为初学者量身打造,共计52课。

Each week, there will be a new lesson with video showing the lives of young Americans. The lesson includes instruction in speaking, vocabulary and writing.


Summary 简介

Anna is feeling homesick. Marsha helps her by listening to her talk about her family.

Speaking 口语

In this video, learn to say the new words. Learn to ask a friend to talk about a problem. You can also download the ctivity Sheet and practice talking about your family.


Pronunciation 发音

​In this video, you ​learn about how Americans pronounce the word "aunt" in different parts of the country.

Conversation 对话
Lesson 12: Meet My Family

Anna: Hello! Washington, D.C. has many beautiful parks. In fact, this park reminds me of my home very far away.

Marsha: Anna, here's your coffee.

Anna: Thanks, Marsha.

Marsha: What's wrong?

Anna: I'm thinking about my family. I'm feeling homesick.

Marsha: Do you want to talk about it?

Anna: Sure! I have some photos.

Marsha: Yes. Yes, you do!

Anna: Photos really help.

Anna: This is my mother and this is my father. They are rodeo clowns.

Marsha: What do rodeo clowns do?

Anna: They make jokes at a rodeo. They make people laugh.

Marsha: That-That';s very different.

Marsha: Who is that woman in the picture?

Anna: That is my Aunt Lavender. She is my mom's sister. She loves gardening and makes spoons.

Marsha: She makes spoons?

Anna: Of course.

Marsha: That, too, is very different.

Anna: Oh! This is my Uncle John. He is my father's brother.

Marsha: What does Uncle John do?

Anna: He's a chicken farmer. And makes guitars. He's awesome, and I'm his favorite niece.

Marsha: Who are they?

Anna: They are my cousins. They are my Uncle John's daughter and son.

Marsha: What do they do?

Anna: They raise sheep and make sweaters.

Marsha: Yeah, that's not a surprise.

Marsha: Thanks for showing me your family photos. Your family is very different.

Anna: I do feel better. Thanks for listening. I have many more photos!

Marsha: Yeah. Yeah, you do.

Anna: Washington, DC is my new home. But I like remembering my old home, too.

Anna's Family Tree

This is a family tree. Anna tells Marsha about her parents.

Her mother and father are rodeo clowns.

Her father's parents are from Italy. These grandparents speak Italian.

Anna's mother's parents live in California. These grandparents have a farm and raise horses.

Anna's mother's sister is Aunt Lavender. She loves gardening.

Anna's father has a brother. His name is John. Uncle John makes guitars.

Uncle John has a daughter and a son. They are Anna's cousins. They raise sheep.

Anna's brother has two children. They are Anna's niece and nephew.

Learning Strategy 学习技巧

Learning Strategies are the thoughts and actions that help make learning easier or more effective.

The learning strategy for this lesson is Find Patterns. Learning is easier when you can find and apply patterns. Here is an example.


Carlos is learning the names of family members in English. He sees a pattern. Some words change when you talk about the next generation. "Father" changes to "grandfather." When someone is related by marriage, the word "in-law" is used. "Sister" changes to "sister-in-law." Carlos thinks he can use this pattern to help remember the new words in English.

Carlos 学习英文里家庭成员的表述方式。他找到了规律,比如,谈到上一辈人的时候往往要加个 grand, 父亲 father 变成祖父就是 grandfather. 再比如,因为婚姻而确定的亲属关系一般要加上 in-law. 姐姐 sister 加上 in-law 指的就是兄弟的妻子。这种定式对 Carlos 学习新单词很有帮助。

New Words 新词汇

clown - n. someone who often does funny things to make people laugh

clown - 名词,小丑

different - adj. not ordinary or common; unusual

different - 形容词,不同寻常的

feel - v. used to describe or ask about someone's physical or mental state

feel - 动词,感觉

gardenv. to work in a garden; to take care of the plants in a garden

garden - 动词,园艺

guitar - n. a musical instrument that is held against the front of your body and that has usually six strings which are played with your fingers or with a pick

guitar - 名词,吉他

homesick - adj. sad because you are away from your family and home

homesick - 形容词,想家的

joke - n. something said or done to cause laughter

joke - 名词,玩笑,笑话

laugh - v. to show that you are happy or that you think something is funny by smiling and making a sound from your throat

laugh - 动词,笑

make - v. to build, create, or produce (something) by work or effort

make - 动词,制造,生产

park - n. piece of public land in or near a city that is kept free of houses and other buildings and can be used for pleasure and exercise

park - 名词,公园

photo (photograph) - n. a picture made by a camera

photo - 名词,照片

raise - v. to keep and take care of (animals or crops)

raise - 动词,养

remind - v. to cause (someone) to remember something

remind - 动词,提醒

rodeo - n. an event in which people compete at riding horses and bulls, catching animals with ropes, etc.

rodeo - 名词,牛仔竞技

sheep - n. an animal with a thick woolly coat that is often raised for meat or for its wool and skin

sheep - 名词,绵羊

spoon - n. an eating or cooking tool that has a small shallow bowl attached to a handle

spoon - 名词,勺子

sweater - n. a warm usually knitted piece of clothing for the upper part of your body

sweater - 名词,毛衣,线衣,绒衣

Family Relationships 家庭关系

aunt - n. the sister of your father or mother or the wife of your uncle

aunt - 名词,姑,姨,舅妈,伯母,婶婶

brother - n. a boy or man who has one or both of the same parents as you

brother - 名词,兄弟

cousin - n. a child of your uncle or aunt

cousin - 名词,表兄弟姐妹,堂兄弟姐妹

daughter - n. a female child

daughter - 名词,女儿

family - n. a group of people who are related to each other

family - 名词,家庭

father - n. a male parent

father - 名词,父亲

mother - n. a female parent

mother - 名词,母亲

nephew - n. the son of your brother or sister

nephew - 名词,侄子,外甥

niece - n. a daughter of your brother or sister

niece - 名词,侄女,外甥女

sister - n. a girl or woman who has one or both of the same parents as you

sister - 名词,姐妹

son - n. a male child

son - 名词,儿子

uncle - n. the brother of your father or mother or the husband of your aunt

uncle - 名词,舅舅,叔伯,姨夫姑父