Let's Learn English is a new course for English learners. Certified American English teachers designed the course for beginners. The course continues for 52 weeks.

Let's Learn English (YOLO美语)是美国之音最新推出的视频教学课程,由英语专业教师为初学者量身打造,共计52课。

Each week, there will be a new lesson with video showing the lives of young Americans. The lesson includes instruction in speaking, vocabulary and writing.


Conversation 对话
Lesson 2 - Hello! I'm Anna

Jonathan: Hey, Pete! Who’s your friend?
Pete: She is Anna. She is new to D.C.
Jonathan: Where are you from?
Anna: I am from a small town.
Jonathan: Well, welcome to D.C.
Anna: Thank you.
Jonathan: I am Jonathan. I am in apartment B4.
Anna: I am in apartment C2. Marsha is my roommate.
Jonathan: I know Marsha. She is nice.
Pete: I have to go now.
Anna: Oh!
Pete: Remember to call Marsha at work. Tell her you’re here.
Anna: Right, thanks, Pete. Nice to meet you!
Jonathan: You too, Bye.
Anna: Apartment C2, here I come!
Writing 写作
We often write our name and address on forms. Americans write and say an address this way: name, number, street city, state, zip code, country.
How do people in your country address an envelope? Anna sends a letter to her family. Look at how she writes the address:


Mari previews the video for Lesson 2 of Let's Learn English. She sees the title is "Hello, I'm Anna." She thinks, "This lesson is about meeting people. What words do I know in English for when I meet people? What do people usually say and do?" She knows, "Nice to meet you" from Lesson 1. She remembers hearing "Where are you from?" in class. She wants to know if the new friends ask other questions. Mari keeps this in mind as she watches the video. When she hears Jonathan ask, "Where are you from?" she smiles and thinks, "I know what that means already!" She watches carefully to see how Anna answers the question.

Mari预习第二课。她看到本课标题是"Hello, I'm Anna"后想,这课要讲认识新朋友。这个话题我都知道哪些词汇呢?一般人认识新朋友会说什么做什么呢?Mari记得第一课学过"Nice to meet you." 她以前上课还听过“Where are you from?" 她想知道新认识的人之间还会问些什么问题。她带着上述问题去看本课视频,当她听到Jonathan问“Where are you from?"时笑了,因为她已经知道这句话的意思。她认真看Anna是怎么回答这个问题的。

Preview is an important learning strategy because it helps you prepare for what you will learn. Do you use this strategy when you are learning? Send us an email or write to us in the comments section. See the Lesson Plan for more details.


New Words 新词汇

know - v. to have met and talked to (someone)

know - 动词,认识(某人)

meet - v.  to see and speak to (someone) for the first time. Anna meets Pete near her apartment.

meet - 动词,第一次见面

call - v.  to make a telephone call. I call once a week to talk to my parents.

call - 动词,打电话

friend - n. a person who you like and enjoy being with. Meet my friend, Anna.

friend - 名词,朋友

number - n.  a number or a set of numbers and other symbols that is used to identify a person or thing or a telephone number. I am in apartment number D7.

number - 名词,数字

remember - v. to have or keep an image or idea in your mind of (something or someone from the past) or to think of (something or someone from the past) again. Do you remember me?

remember - 动词,记住

roommate - n. a person who shares a room, apartment, or house with someone else. Anna and Marsha both live in apartment C2 because they are roommates.

roommate - 名词,室友

work - n.  the place where you do your job. She is not at work today.

work - 名词,工作地点