CNN news 2015-09-20

I'm Carl Azuz.

First up today, police chanting "please go back." Demonstrators chanting, "Open the door." It was a chaotic scene yesterday at the border of Serbia and Hungary with migrants and refugees trying to get into Hungary. It's become the prime gateway into Western Europe in the continent's most severe refugee crisis since World War Two.

Hungary is one of several European countries trying to control their borders. There are hundreds of thousands of people fleeing terrorism, warfare and poverty in the Middle East and North Africa. But European leaders are struggling with the challenges of where the refugees and migrants should go, how to pay for the influx of people and concerns about terrorists crossing borders with them. CNN's Ben Wedeman was at a

Hungarian border yesterday when trouble broke out.

We were up on the gate were Serbia separates and Hungary and of course there's been a tense standoff for several hours there as people were pushing at the gate trying to get it to come down so they can go into Hungary. Now after a little while, and it's still going on now, people are throwing bottles and apples and other objects in the direction of the Hunarian special terrorism police, riot police.

Afterwards they fired back with tear gas and you can see a water cannon is now being fired as well. And of course among the crowd there are many children, many woman who are very close to that area so there are a lot of people who were overcome with this tear gas. Which is quite strong. Of course we have heard them all day, chanting at that gate - "open the door, open the door. As far as the Hungarian authority go - that's simply not going to happen."