Jessica: Wuqiong, what are you doing on the computer? You've spent hours on the Internet!

WQ: Jessica, 我下个月要去意大利,出门在外,不先看看旅游攻略怎么行?

Jessica: 攻略?Are you going to attack Italy?

WQ: 哪有! 旅游攻略就是去过那里的人写的心得体会,总结建议,这在美语里要怎么说呢?

Jessica: I see. You were referring to travel tips. You are right, Wuqiong, flipping through travel guide books and get some tips from the Internet can be really helpful, especially when it is your first trip to a new place.

WQ: Yep! For example, I was just looking for ways to get discount on museum tickets, and some of the tips that people shared online came in really handy!

Jessica: Make good use of the tips. They also help you avoid tourist traps!

WQ: Tourist traps? 哦,就是旅行陷阱吧! 这个最烦人了,Tourist traps are annoying and can spoil the whole trip!

Jessica: So, Wuqiong, how long are you going to stay in Italy?

WQ: 我当然希望可以慢慢走,慢慢看,仔细领略意大利的风景和文化,不过我假期有限,财力也有限,所以只有4天时间。

Jessica: Four days only? So you are going to stay in one city?

WQ: Actually I'm going to tour 4 cities and they are far away from each other.

Jessica: I see. This is a whirlwind tour then.

WQ: W-h-i-r-l-w-i-n-d, whirlwind 是旋风的意思,whirlwind tour 就是旋风旅游,也就是一阵风似的在很短的时间内去很多地方走马观花。唉,I can only afford a whirlwind tour right now. I really wish I had more time and money.

Jessica: You will! Italy's not going anywhere. You can always go back someday!

WQ: 今天我们学了,旅行攻略是 travel tips, 旅游陷阱是tourist trap, 旋风旅行则是 whirlwind tour.