LU: Jessica. I-Want-You!!!

Jessica: 哈哈! You watched that show, didn't you, Lulu?!

LU: 没错!在你的推荐下,我也看了这个选秀节目! 太感人了! 你看那些选手,都是平凡人,可是唱得多棒啊!看他们被评委选中,太励志了! Jessica, 你教教我,“励志节目”在美语里怎么说?

Jessica: You can say the show is inspirational. Inspirational is spelled i-n-s-p-i-r-a-t-i-o-n-a-l. This talent show is definitely inspirational as all the contestants have incredible life stories and their performances rock!

LU: Exactly! 那我要是说励志电影,是不是inspirational movies?

Jessica: 没错! But Lulu, I was really disappointed that the young woman from Chengdu didn't make it to the next around.

LU: 我也特喜欢那个成都女生。Did you see how sad she was when the judges all turned her down?

Jessica: Yeah. She was crushed! For a moment I thought she was gonna faint!

LU: Crushed? 就是“深受打击”的意思,对么?

Jessica: 对。For example, after learning his girlfriend had dumped him for a wealthier guy, he was crushed.

LU: 唉,看着那女孩儿伤心的样子,真可怜。I don't know what those judges were thinking! That girl should have been selected! 唉,真是有眼无珠。

Jessica: I agree! Well, it's their loss!

LU: Their loss? The judges' loss? 我明白了,这就是说他们不选这个选手,是他们自己的损失!

Jessica: 没错! 好啦 Lulu, another episode of the show is starting in 5 minutes. Let's go watch!

LU: 今天我们学了,励志节目是 inspirational show, 深受打击是 crushed, 形容有人选择错误,有眼无珠,可以说 It's their loss!