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The former butler to Pope Benedict has been convicted of the theft of confidential papers from pontiff's private department. The Vatican City court sentenced Paolo Gabriele to 18 months imprisonment having taken into account that he had no previous convictions. Mr. Gabriele has been detained at his residence in Vatican City. As David Willey reports.

He is now technically under house arrest. And for the moment it looks as though he's going to serve his sentence in that shape. In other words, there is no proper detention facilities inside the Vatican to imprison him. I think the Vatican is also a bit worried about the implications of handing him over to the Italian authorities to serve his time in an Italian jail because then he might be subjected to all sorts of pressures to reveal to outsiders, perhaps, sign a lucrative book contract with some publisher about what he knows about the Vatican.

Abu Hamza, the radical Muslim cleric who was extradited from Britain on Friday after a long legal battle has made his first court appearance in the United States. Mr Hamza is facing charges that include conspiring to set up a militant training camp in Oregon has not yet entered a plea . Four others who were extradited at the same time pleaded not guilty . Alastair Leithead reports.

Abu Hamza was appeared in court without his hook-shaped prosthetic hands. He was dressed in dark prison garb. His gray hair and gray beard were well trimmed. After the judge read him his rights and briefly outlined the charges he was facing, his lawyer requested his prosthetics to be returned immediately. She also requested a full medical evaluation saying he suffers from type two diabetes and high blood pressure. Two men also extradited with him in connection with the 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania appeared separately in the same court and both pleaded not guilty to 287 charges. Abu Hamza will be formally charged and will enter a plea on Tuesday.

French police have shot and fatally wounded a man during an anti-terrorism raid in the city of Trans… Strasbourg. A prosecutor named the dead man as a drug trafficker who converted to radical Islam. From Paris here's Christian Fraser.

The early morning raid in Strasbourg was part of a nationwide operation to round up a suspected network of Muslim extremists. The man shot at police as they stormed his home, and was killed when the officers returned fire. Three police officers were also hit but the bullet-proof vest they were wearing appeared to save them from many serious injuries. There were simultaneous operations mounted at [the Niscan] and Paris where another armed and potentially-dangerous suspect was arrested.

Israel has shot down an unmanned aircraft attended to its airspace from the Mediterranean. The drone hadn't been carrying any explosives and was destroyed over a largely uninhabited area. But correspondents say Israel is taking the incident seriously.

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A big convoy of anti-drone protesters led by the Pakistani cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan has reached the district of Dera Ismail Khan in northwest Pakistan. Orla Guerin reports.

There have been a welcoming crowds along the route and [Dame Rong's] convoy has been gaining momentum . He and his supporters are headed for dangerous territory, Al-Qaeda and its allies have strongholds in Pakistan's tribal belt. But this is where CIA drones strikes take place and where Imran Khan says they must to be stopped. So far these protests have been a show of strength by Imaran Khan. But with elections due next year, critics accused him of hijacking the drone issue for political advantage.

Another mortar shell from Syrian military positions has landed in southern Turkey prompting further retaliatory fire by the Turkish army. The shell reportedly landed near the village of Guvecci in the border province of Hatay. There are no reports of casualties. There has been heavy fighting across the border and activists say the rebels have seized a Syrian village near the border with Turkey. It's the fourth consecutive day of cross-border fire.

North African and European leaders set up to multi- task force on illegal immigration. The decision was announced at summit in Malta. The number of migrants making risky border crossings over the Mediterranean Sea to Europe has risen sharply in the wake of the Arab Spring.

Vietnam's Communist party newspaper has apologized for what it called "a typing error" after it appeared to suggest possible disciplinary action against the embattled Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. An opinion piece in the newspaper [Niang Zan] said that if a prime minister had done wrong, he should be disciplined by the party regardless of his connections. The paper later said it had meant to say boss not to prime minister.

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