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Jessica:  Wow, 于苗! What are you doing all dolled up!

YM: 我今天要去见我最最好的朋友! 她是我大学同学,我们都两年没见了!

Jessica: Oh wow, sounds like you guys go way back!

YM: 可不! 她可是我的标准闺蜜! My best friend!

Jessica: Actually in English, you can call her your BFF. BFF stands for Best Friend Forever. People use this term to refer to their best friends.

YM: 原来BFF就是永远的好朋友! Yes, she's definitely my BFF! We were college classmates and lived in the same dorm for four years.   我们特别铁,无话不谈。咦,这个"铁"用英文要怎么说呢?

Jessica: You can say: we are tight! Tight是关系紧密的意思,也就是说你们特别铁!

YM: 可不! 话说来跟我们一块吃饭的还有另外一个人! 我们吧,也挺好的, 不过吧, She's super competitive. She always wants what I have! 你说这种人该怎么说? Partial BFF? Partial tight?

Jessica: 哈哈.... that sounds like a frenemy of yours. Frenemy consists of friend and enemy, it is basically half friend and half enemy!

YM: 原来如此!   This girl is a frenemy. 我们俩表面不错,但是暗地里好象老是在明争暗斗的。

Jessica: Sounds like a love-hate relationship to me!

YM: That's so true, 我对她绝对是又爱又恨,你看,今天我跟我闺蜜见面,她又跟来了! 哎...

Jessica: 哈哈,开心点!Before you go, tell me what you've learned today!

YM:  今天我们学到的内容包括:

第一,闺蜜是best friend forever, 也就是BFF,  

第二,关系很铁可以用 tight;


第四,爱恨交加是 a love-hate relationship!