CNN news 2012-05-31

Some members of the U.N. Security Council have spoken out repeatedly against the violence we' ve seen in Syria. The latest example is something that happened last Friday. For more than a year, the Syrian government has been fighting against protesters and rebels who want the country' s president out of power.

United Nations officials say more than 9,000 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in the violence. On Friday, 108 people died in the West Syrian city of Houla. U.N. monitors said nearly half of those people were children. Some people are describing this as a massacre carried out by the government. Syrian officials blame the violence on terrorists groups.

A U.N. representative said whoever' s responsible must be held accountable.

Our next headline today takes us from Syria to Egypt. Last week in the North African nation, people had the chance to vote for Egypt' s first freely elected president. Officials said 23 million Egyptians cast votes for the 13 candidates whose names were on the ballot. But none of those candidates got a majority. So Egyptians will head back to the polls next month.

The runoff election will be between Mohammed Morsi on the left side of your screen here, and Ahmed Shafiq. And what' s interesting here is that this kind of an old school-new school faceoff. Shafiq has been in Egypt' s government before. He' s the former prime minister. Morsi is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, a group that' s promised significant political changes.

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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today' s Shoutout goes out to Dr. Ratti' s class at Mesa High School in Mesa, Arizona. What is the largest manmade object ever to be put into space? Here we go. Is it the Hubble telescope, Mir space station, space shuttle Discovery or the International Space Station? You' ve got three seconds, go.

The International Space Station is the largest manmade object to be put into space. That' s your answer, and that' s your Shoutout.

That massive space station is hosting a dragon. That' s the name of the capsule that arrived at the International Space Station on Friday. It was made by a company called Space X. And it' s the first private capsule to reach the ISS. Since NASA has retired the space shuttle fleet, this might be how astronauts get to the space station in the future.

This time, though, the Dragon capsule only carried cargo -- things like clothes and food -- and it' s scheduled to leave the ISS and splash down in the Pacific Ocean later on this week.

Finally, today, if you' re going to San Francisco --

We hope you get there in time for this, the city' s famous Golden Gate Bridge turned 75 this year and San Fran is celebrating that anniversary with explosive style. It took 20 computers more than five miles of wire and more than two weeks of work to set up this 20-minute fireworks show. Certainly looks like it was worth the effort. The display ran through 14 different musical themes.

There' s one thing that linked them all together, though, the Golden Gate was the bridge. When it comes to puns about San Francisco, you really have to "bay" attention. We' re going to be back with more illuminating headlines tomorrow. Hope to see you then. For CNN Student News, I' m Carl Azuz.