But first, let's begin with some breaking news out of Pakistan. A drone attack on a house of a suspected Taliban leader. It happened in the city of Damadola, 14 people killed, including three foreigners.

Now the Taliban threatening Afghanistan's runoff elections on the day the campaigning officially started again. Afghanistan is preparing for the runoff on November the 7th. President Hamid Karzai up against former Foreign Minister Abudula Abudula. Today the Taliban collecting or rather calling for a boycott and says it plans to disrupt the vote with violence.

All right, so we get more US bank failures to tell you about today. The number of this year, get this, reached 106. And the latest three in Florida, one each in Georgia, Wisconsin ,Minnesota ,and Illinois. The federal fund that covers bank failures now stands at 7.5 billion dollars, 7.5. Just one year ago, that fund was 45 billion dollars.

The health officials say they are frustrated with the delays in vaccine production as the H1N1 virus spreads quickly. Only 16 million doses of vaccine have been shipped out so far. The virus is now widespread in at least 46 states, that's up five from last week.

International inspectors are in Iran today to inspect the newly disclosed nuclear facility. The visit comes as Iran says it needs more time to decide on a proposal that could help in the showdown over its nuclear activities. Now the International Atomic Energy Agency gave Iran until yesterday to decide on the proposal. Teheran(Tehran均可)says it will have a response next week.

The mom of the so-called balloon boy admits it was all a hoax like many people suspected, but now in court documents, Mayumi Heene says she and her husband knew their son was not in that run-away balloon, knew he was in the house, knew he was hiding all along. She also says in those court documents, they told the kids to lie to authorities, and also lie to the media about the whole incident.

In Chatam New Jersey, police are warning residents to be extra cautious after a Catholic priest was found dead in his church rectory. Investigators say it appears to be homicide. But so far, no arrests have been made and there is still no word on a motive.