Good morning from the CNN center here in Atlanta, I'm Melissa Long with a look at some of the news happening.

This morning on this Monday, top republicans are demanding an apology from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for accusing the CIA of misleading Congress about the use of waterboarding that is not she can provide evidence supporting her claim. Pelosi claimed she was not told waterboarding had been used and only learned about its use from an aide after other lawmakers were briefed at the CIA in 2003.

The final space walk to fix the Hubble space telescope is underway. Astronauts are doing their repair work outside the space shuttle Atlantis. This is the fifth space walk they had to do on this mission. They are making repairs to buy the telescope a few more years of life. The shuttle will release the Hubble tomorrow.

A boy with cancer whose parents refused to get chemotherapy for him has been ordered to get X-rays today. It's part of judge's decision to have the 13-year-old reevaluated to see if he can still benefit from chemo, he has Hodgkin's lymphoma and his parents stopped the treatments for religious reasons.

We are simple, honest family, we're not out to harm anyone, we never, this is just our way of life and why people are unfriendly on it, I don't know.

The compelling interest here is the protection and welfare of children. But the boy's parents say it's his decision not to have chemotherapy. They are giving their son alternative medicines.

More than two weeks after he was taken at gunpoint, a three-year-old back at home with his family, Briant Rodriguez has reunited with his mom over the weekend, he was found wandering the streets of Mexico on Thursday. Authorities say he appeared unharmed.  And the son reunited and he said the last thing he saw was Briant clutching his mother's neck, and that kind of says it all.

Investigators have information about the two suspects but they won't release the names or a motive.

You are up-to-date, those are the headlines making news at this hour, do stay with CNN and for more on these news or other news of develops today.


早上好,这里是亚特兰大CNN新闻中心,我是主持人Melissa Long,下面来关注下及时新闻。

本周一上午,美国共和党要求白宫发言人Nancy Pelosi就在缺乏足够证据的情况下指控美国中央情报局(CIA)误导国会使用水刑一事向民众道歉。Pelosi解释说自己并没有听说使用水刑一事,只是在2003年CIA询问一些立法人员后从一个副官那里有所听闻。



在逃离枪口两周后,三岁儿童Briant Rodriguez于周四被发现在墨西哥的大街上游荡,并在周末与自己的母亲团聚。专家认为Briant Rodriguez看似并没有受到伤害。他重新回到了自己的家中,并一直声称自己看到的最后一件事就是Briant掐着自己母亲的脖子。