Rescue and Relief Work in Order in Cent. Ita.

Anchor: To Italy, As aftershocks continue jolting L'Aquila, the Italian government is mulling a timely reconstruction of the historic city.

Right now the focus remains on rescue and relief work.

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Monday's quake has left at least 250 people dead.

Currently some 7, 000 people are working on the site.

Fabrizio Angeles is a fire fighter.

"We drove about a hundred kilometres from Molise to here in the morning. My colleagues saved quite a few people yesterday, and we are here to replace them. They have been digging for a whole day. Together there must be about 2 thousand fire fighters in the area."

A temporary hospital has been set up at Duomo Square, located at the heart of L'Aquila, the epicentre.

Head of the medical staff, Gabriela Marone, says the situation is under control.

"We came here together with the other rescuers, on Monday morning. Our task is to give emergency aid, both physical and psychological. Patients who need further treatment will be transferred to hospitals in nearby areas. We plan to stay here for 72 hours, although the place is pretty much calm now."

The Italian government is already talking about reconstruction.

President Silvio Berlusconi promises reconstruction will take place soon.

Berlusconi said earlier that his government is considering building a whole new city near L'Aquila.

But the bad news is L'Aquila's many historic buildings that date back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance have already been taken down to the ground, and cannot be repaired.

Damin, CRI news.