The 19th China Attraction Expo Opens in Beijing

The 19th China Attractions Expo, considered as the biggest exhibition of Chinese amusement industry, opened Friday in Beijing. Business so far realized at the expo is estimated to have reached a record high 500 million yuan or some 73 million US dollars. Our reporter Wang Ling has more.

The three-day exposition attracted investors, suppliers and developers of amusement industries from 23 countries and regions. Amidst the global financial crisis, manufacturers and developers go all out to optimize the cost and quality of their products.

"This magic windmill is able to rotate and circumrotate. Plus, the height of the windmill is adjustable: it is only 5 meters high when it is folded while it reaches 17 meters when it is stretched."

"We tried to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of the game machines. Like this slot car race game, it boasts better sound and lighting effect and more powerful acceleration. And with a CRT screen replacing the LED screen the price is even cheaper."

Last winter saw a withering trade volume in China's amusement industry. Some suppliers suffered business loss with half their orders cancelled. To weather the economic storm, manufacturers of amusement apparatus reduced their costs and brought forward updated alternatives. The competitive prices and new products helped bring back some orders. Starting from January, the business of China's amusement industry began to recover.

"The products showcased at the Expo are pretty good and the price is much lower than the price offered in other countries."

"Chinese markets look very alive. I don't feel the crisis here right now. I still sell in China and for me it is still a good market."

"As the entire economic situation is getting favourable, the market of amusement industry will gather people's confidence and attract investment again."

Being the biggest exhibition of Chinese amusement industry, the annually-held China Attractions Expo has turned out considerable profits with 30% increase of trade volume on yearly basis. Liu Jingwang, director of China's Amusement Park and Attractions, says China's amusement industry will hopefully continue its growth despite the global economic recession.

"I want to cite the example of Shijingshan Amusement Park of Beijing. Its visitors during the last two months increased by 30% and its revenue increased by 40%. Apparently the financial crisis didn't impair people's interests to have fun."

Over the past twenty years, more than 2000 amusement parks have mushroomed throughout China, and this year there will be another 40 billion yuan, or nearly 6 billion US dollars to be injected in the robust amusement industry. That is for sure good news for the over-200 manufacturers of amusement facilities in China.

Wang Ling, CRI news.