An article in Wednesday's Workers' Daily reported that over 300 local officials in Xinyang city in central Henan Province passed a special test recently.
Officials were asked to take an alcohol test after a meeting to test whether anyone had broken a municipal government ban mandated two years ago.
The city of Xinyang is a major alcohol production base within the region and local officials would often be given alcohol at lunch meetings. Some of the officials failed to perform their duties in the afternoon after drinking too much. To curb the situation, the municipal government issued a regulation in 2007 strictly banning officials from having alcohol at weekday lunch tables. It stipulated that officials could receive severe punishment or even lose their positions for breaking the rule.
The alcohol ban has caused heated debate nationwide with most people questioning whether such a move would be effective and how long it could exist.
The paper said the latest test result has provided a supporting proof to the effectiveness of the measure and called for applauses.
It pointed out that encouraged by the effective measure of Xinyang, more cities in the province have adopted similar policies. The paper stressed that such measures should be encouraged in building a well-functional government.