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See, Hear and Sing 不寻常的乐器
Porcelain Case Shown Holding the Corps de Rechange
瓷器盒装的是菲德烈大帝(Fredrick the Great)的长笛

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假如您参加了学校乐团,您也许会演奏喇叭、小提琴或长笛;但您听过马林巴琴 (marimba) 、乌德琴 (oud) 或唢吶 (zurna) 吗?虽然这些名字听起来像是异国食谱的原料,但它们是货真价实的乐器,有些甚至已经存在了好几百年了。现在我们知道且弹奏的乐器,如:钢琴、吉他及双簧管,是由这些古老乐器逐步发展而成的。移居美国的人来自于世界各地,当他们来到美国时,都会带着他们自己国家的乐器、音乐及一点点原有的文化。

If you were in the school band, you might play the trumpet, the violin, or the flute, but how about the marimba, the oud, or the zurna? Although these may sound like ingredients in an exotic recipe, they are actually musical instruments--some of them hundreds of years old. Many of the instruments we know and play today, like the piano, the guitar, and the oboe, evolved from these older instruments. The instruments came to America with people who emigrated from countries all around the world, bringing music, and a little bit of their culture, with them.

John Botica playing the misnice.
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