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See, Hear and Sing 幽默感
Ezra F. Kendall, the natural eccentric comedian, 1892.
演出者肯岱儿(Ezra F. Kendall),时常被称做是「天生的古怪喜剧演员」(natural eccentric comedian)

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您认为什么是幽默?是单独表演的喜剧演员?还是电视广告?一般说来典型的综艺节目表演有814幕,或称之为节目 (turns) ,其间还会包括一丁点各式表演。综艺节目表演(又称为「杂耍」variety)包括了魔术、音乐演奏、舞蹈表演、歌舞秀、杂技表演、戏法、喜剧剧目、动物特技、名人客串演出及无名小卒的现场表演等各式各样的表演项目。由演出者独自担纲演出的喜剧表演尤其受到大众欢迎,像这张海报内的肯岱儿 (Ezra Kendall) 就是一例,少数表演者更因他们的表演而闯出名号。

What do you think of as humorous? A stand-up comedian? A TV commercial? A typical vaudeville show had eight to 14 acts, or "turns," and included a little bit of everything. Magic segments, musical numbers, dance numbers, combination song-and-dance acts, acrobatics, juggling, comic routines, animal acts, celebrity cameos, and appearances by unsavory characters all had their place in a vaudeville (also called "variety") show. Comic monologues by performers, such as Ezra Kendall in the poster you see here, were especially popular. A few performers became well known for their acts.
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