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See, Hear and Sing 幽默感
Charles Dillingham and Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. present a musical entertainment entitled The Century Girl, 1916.
音乐剧「百年女孩」(Century Girl) 的节目表, 1916

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(Joel Goodman)


现在,我们在许多地方都可以查找幽默感,电视、电影、书本、电台及因特网只是提供喜剧的部分媒介。但身处20世纪的人们最常用来享受幽默感的方式则是去观赏综艺节目秀,这是一种包括了喜剧演员、舞者、歌手、表演动物、特技演员及魔术师的综艺表演。现今的幽默感多源自于综艺节目秀,直到1932年之后才渐渐没落,当时一流的综艺表演戏院「纽约的皇宫戏院Palace Theater也是在那之后,才将真人秀置换成影片播放。

Humor is a universal language.
Joel Goodman

With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die.
Abraham Lincoln

Today, we find humor from many sources. TV, movies, books, radio, and the Internet are just some of the mediums used to offer comedy. But at the turn of the 20th century, the most common way to enjoy humor was to attend a vaudeville show, a variety show that might include comedians, dancers, singers, performing animals, acrobats, and magicians. Much of today's humor evolved from vaudeville, which began to decline in popularity after 1932. It was at that time that the leading vaudeville theater, the Palace Theater in New York, replaced live acts with film.

Great Northern Train, Four Miles West of Minot, North Dakota.
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