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See, Hear and Sing 天灾人祸 

A screen shot from 'Wreck of the Battleship 'Maine'' 1898.

「缅因号战舰失事」(Wreck of the Battleship 'Maine)其中一幕,1898


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有时单一人为灾害也会引发一连串的后续事件,因而造成更大损伤。1898215日,一场神秘爆炸击沉了一艘停泊在古巴哈瓦那港的美国战鉴U.S.S.缅因号 (U.S.S. Maine) 这个事件发生的当时,古巴正与西班牙交战以争取独立。在当时,拥有一系列报社的威廉鲁道夫赫斯特 (William Randolph Hearst) 知道灾难故事能提升报纸销售量。赫氏决定他的报纸将这个导致260位美国海军丧生的爆炸事件归咎于西班牙。(现在,大部分的历史学家相信那场爆炸的真正凶手是一个故障的锅炉)这个事变让美国向西班牙宣战,因而开启了美西战争 (Spanish-American War) ;在这部影片中,您可以看见被失事船只包围住的U.S.S缅因号残骸。

Sometimes a manmade disaster can set off a chain of events that causes even greater damage. On February 15, 1898, a mysterious explosion sunk the U.S.S. Maine, an American battleship that was in the harbor of Havana, Cuba. This occurred while Cuba was fighting for its independence from Spain. During this period, William Randolph Hearst, who owned a chain of newspapers, knew that stories about disasters sold papers. Hearst decided that his newspapers would report that Spain was to be blamed for the explosion in which 260 American seamen lost their lives. (Most historians now believe that the explosion was caused by a malfunctioning boiler.) The incident led the U.S. to go to war with Spain in the Spanish-American War. In this film you can see what was left of the U.S.S. Maine surrounded by wrecking boats.
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VIDEO CREDIT: Paley, William Daly, camera. 'Wreck of the Battleship "Maine".' Edison Manufacturing Co., 1898. The Spanish-American War in Motion Pictures, Library of Congress.