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See, Hear and Sing 天灾人祸 

A screen shot from 'Star Theatre' 1902.



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您曾经见过遭炮弹毁坏或炸药炸毁的建筑物吗?观看拆毁建筑物有一种奇异的迷人感受;1902年时,位居纽约市第13 (13th Street) 的「星星戏院」 (Star Theatre) 被拆毁。星星戏院建于内战时期,于1861年开始营业,当时叫做「沃利克戏院」 (Wallack's Theatre) 1883年时正式改名为星星戏院。它曾拥有相当多出色的作品,且多由当时一时之选的演员主演的辉煌历史。有人估计这部使用间歇性拍摄法 (time-lapse photography) 呈现建筑物拆毁的影片,耗时超过30天拍摄。现在拆毁一栋建筑物需要多久的时间呢?

Have you ever seen a wrecking ball demolish a building or a structure blown up by dynamite? There is something strangely fascinating about watching the destruction of a building. In 1902, the Star Theatre building on 13th Street in New York City was demolished. The Star Theatre had been around since the Civil War. It opened in 1861 as Wallack's Theatre, and was renamed the Star in 1883. It had a rich history of excellent productions with some of the best actors of the time. It's estimated that this film, which shows the destruction of the building using time-lapse photography, was shot over a period of 30 days. Nowadays, how long does it take to tear down a building?
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VIDEO CREDIT: "Star Theatre." American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, 1902. The Life of a City: Early Films of New York, 1897-1906, Library of Congress.