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职业高尔夫球选手凯西.惠特沃兹 (Kathy Whitworth) 出生

你是不是对老虎.伍兹精湛的球技感到赞叹不已呢?不过如果跟凯西.惠特沃兹相比,伍兹还有一大段路要走呢。凯西一直都是职业高尔夫球巡回赛的冠军,没有人曾经击败她。她于1939927日出生在德州的莫那罕斯 (Monahans) ,并且在1962年时参加「凯丽女子公开赛」 (Kelly Girl Open) ,赢得第一座巡回赛冠军。西元1985年,凯西赢得了第88座巡回赛胜利的奖项,创造了职业高尔夫球选手的胜利记录 (这是男、女选手共同的纪录) 。想当然尔,凯西的球从来都没有接近过沙坑,而凯西所享有的荣耀,更是崇高至上。

Have you been following the spectacular golfing career of Tiger Woods? Well, he's got a big task ahead of him to match the achievement of Kathy Whitworth, professional golf's all-time leading tournament winner. Born September 27, 1939, in Monahans, Texas, Kathy Whitworth won her first tournament, the Kelly Girl Open, in 1962. In 1985, she won her 88th, setting the tournament victory record for a professional golfer--man or woman. She sure stayed out of sand traps! And her honors go well beyond that.

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