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Jelly Roll Morton

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杰利.罗.摩顿 (Jelly Roll Morton) 去世

你是一个爵士迷吗?你可能听过杰利.罗.摩顿的唱片。虽然摩顿于1941710日去世,但是他的音乐还是会让你想要站起来跳舞。如果你听过散拍爵士 (ragtime) 或者看过古老的黑白卡通影片,你对杰利.罗.摩顿的音乐应该就不会很陌生。 

1920年代,杰利.罗.摩顿因为他的乐团「红辣椒」 (Red Hot Peppers) 而声名大噪。摩顿是一个伟大的钢琴家,同时也被认为是最好的爵士交响乐作曲家。他甚至还说自己是发明爵士的人,也因为这句话而在乐坛里有了许多敌人。不管你同不同意他的说法,摩顿确实改变了很多爵士音乐的演奏方法。你知道这些改变是什么吗?

Are you a jazz fan? You might be if you heard a recording by Jelly Roll Morton. He died on July 10, 1941, but his music still makes you want to get up and dance. If you've listened to ragtime or watched old black-and-white cartoons, you have an idea of the kind of music Jelly Roll Morton wrote and played.

In the 1920s, Jelly Roll Morton rose to fame with his band, the Red Hot Peppers. Morton was a great pianist and generally acknowledged as one of the first orchestral jazz composers. He even claimed to have invented jazz. That boast brought him a lot of enemies in the music world. Whether or not you agree with his claim, Morton made some serious changes to the way jazz was played. Can you think what those changes might be?

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