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Jump Back in Time 经济大萧条与第二次世界大战  (1929-1945)
Casablanca Conference at Casablanca, Morocco

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北非谍影 (Casablanca) 首映,同盟国的远征军 (Expeditionary Forces) 也登陆北非

在电影里头,英雄主角瑞克布莱恩(Rick Blaien)退出在西班牙与法西斯主义 (Fascism) 的对抗后,到卡萨布兰加市定居。他在那里开了一间叫做 “Rick’s Café American” 的夜总会 (而RicksPlace也成为二次大战期间,卡萨布兰加市的军事代号。) 当瑞克的前爱人伊尔莎(Ilsa)和她担任法国抵抗军领袖的先生一同到达瑞克的夜总会时,老板瑞克决定帮助他们逃走。电影退出的时候,瑞克伊尔莎都想要牺牲自己,让对方得到更好的生活,也就是远离法西斯主义的爱情。当盟国入侵卡萨布兰加的行动刺激了这部电影的票房,「北非谍影」也在剧情里强调自由的可贵,以及牺牲小我的重要性。在瑞克伊尔莎道别的这一幕里,瑞克说出这句最有名的道别语:「我并不擅长表现的崇高,但是在这个疯狂的世界里,有个问题是很清楚的,那就是我们这三个小人物并不能改变一切。总有一天,你会瞭解这句话的意思。让我再看你一眼,宝贝。」

In the film, hero Rick Blaine settles in Casablanca after fighting fascism (a dictatorship) in Spain. He opens up a nightclub called "Rick's Café American." ("Rick's Place" became World War II military code for the city of Casablanca.) When Rick's former lover, Ilsa, arrives at his café with her French Resistance leader husband, the club owner helps them escape. By film's end, Rick and Ilsa have given up each other to serve a greater good--freedom from fascism. Just as the Allied invasion of Casablanca advanced box office sales, so the film "Casablanca" reinforced the war effort by underscoring the value of freedom and the importance of personal sacrifice. As Rick says to Ilsa in the famous farewell scene, "I'm not good at being noble, but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Here's looking at you, kid."
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