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Jump Back in Time 经济大萧条与第二次世界大战  (1929-1945)
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北非谍影 (Casablanca) 首映,同盟国的远征军 (Expeditionary Forces) 也登陆北非

在经典电影「北非谍影」的最后一幕里,英雄主角瑞克布莱恩(Rick Blaien)说:「这看起来似乎是一段美丽友谊的开始。」你知道这部有名电影的其他台词吗?纽约人在19421126日在戏院里看到这部电影。同时,同盟国在第二次世界大战时组成的远征军 (Allied Expeditionary ForcesAEF) 也在同一天登陆北非,也就是真正的卡萨布兰加市所在地,并接管德国占领的土地。卡萨布兰加是摩洛哥的主要港市,不但是这部电影的主要故事背景,同时也是同盟国领袖后来召开会议的地方。因此,「北非谍影」这部电影退出时所代表的意义,不仅是票房叫座,而是具有更深一层的意义。

"This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship," says hero Rick Blaine at the end of the movie classic "Casablanca." Do you know any other lines from this famous film? New Yorkers watched the motion picture for the first time on November 26, 1942. At the same time, the Allied Expeditionary Forces (AEF) of World War II landed in North Africa, the real Casablanca's locale, to take over the area that had been occupied by the Germans. Casablanca, Morocco's chief port city, was the setting of both the film and, later, of a major conference of the Allied leadership. Consequently, "Casablanca" the movie ended up playing a much more meaningful role than just being a hit at the box office.

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