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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
Letter from George Washington to Continental Congress, March 24, 1776.

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你可以从阅读旧信件中学到许多事情。那些对美国历史有兴趣的美国人很幸运,因为乔治华盛顿是一个很聪明,同时也经常写信的人。在1776324日,乔治华盛顿写了一封信给大陆会议 (这是美国独立革命期间的政府机关) 。在这封信里,他提到他如何使波士顿市安全而不再受到英国人未来的攻击。但是,英国舰艇却不愿意离开波士顿港。这是他针对波士顿受到的攻击,而写给大陆会议的第二封信。

You can learn a lot from reading old letters. Fortunately for Americans interested in the country's early history, George Washington was a talented and frequent letter writer. On March 24, 1776, General Washington wrote a letter to the Continental Congress (the governing body of the American revolutionaries). In it, he described how he had made the city of Boston safe from future attack by the British, but that the mischievous British fleet would not leave the Boston harbor. It was his second letter to Congress about the attack on Boston.

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