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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
Clark Statue, Indianapolis, Indiana
乔治罗格斯克拉克的雕像 (印第安那州,印第安那坡里斯)

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英国代理总督亨利汉米尔顿 (Henry Hamilton) 投降


陆军中校乔治罗格斯克拉克 (George Rogers Clark) 知道英国代理总督亨利汉米尔顿付钱请印地安原住民袭击那些移居者。在弗吉尼亚州州长派翠克亨利 (Patrick Henry) 的支持下,克拉克从拓荒者中编组了一支自愿军,攻击英军在密西西比河沿岸的基地。他们还企图要俘虏汉米尔顿。

Before the Revolutionary War, hundreds of colonists and their families settled beyond the Appalachian Mountains and beyond the protection of the Colonies. When the war began, the settlers became vulnerable to attack not only from the Native Americans but also from the British.

Lieutenant Colonel George Rogers Clark learned that British Lieutenant Governor Henry Hamilton was paying Native Americans to raid the American settlements. With Virginia Governor Patrick Henry's support, Clark marshaled volunteers from among the frontiersmen and set out to attack British outposts along the Mississippi River. They also intended to capture Hamilton.

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