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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
Frontispiece and Title Page from Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, 1773.

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菲莉斯惠特利 (Phyllis Wheatley) :第一位出版专书的非裔美国人

在菲莉斯惠特利只有七岁或八岁的时候,她就被抓,并带离她在西非的家乡。西元1761年,一艘奴隶船将她带到了波士顿。后来,一个叫做约翰惠特利的富裕的裁缝师和她的妻子苏珊娜 (Susannah) 把这个年轻的小女孩从船上直接买了下来,并且把她取名为菲莉斯惠特利。当时,这对夫妇并不知道这个小女孩将会对这世界展露她的才华。 

惠特利长大后成为一个诗人。她的作品集:「不同主题、宗教与道德的诗」 (Poems on Various Subjects, Religious, and Moral) 177391日正式出版。当大多数奴隶都被禁止学习阅读与写字时,为什么惠特利能够成为第一位出版专书的非裔美国人作家呢?

Phyllis Wheatley was only seven or eight years old when she was captured and taken from her home in West Africa. A slave ship brought her to Boston in 1761. Knowing nothing of the talents she would soon show the world, John Wheatley, a prosperous tailor, and his wife, Susannah, purchased the young girl directly from the ship and named her Phyllis Wheatley.

Wheatley grew up to be a poet. Her collection, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral, was published on September 1, 1773. How did she become the first African American writer to be published, when most slaves were forbidden to learn to read and write?

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