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Frat March Two-Step, 1910

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斐陶斐荣誉学会 (Honor Society Phi Beta Kappa) 成立

斐陶斐荣誉学会是由一群富进取心的大学生所组织而成,这是全美第一个以希腊文字为名的学会。该学会的名称是以philosophia biou kubernetes这句希腊文里每个字的字首所组成,意思是「哲学,生命的指引」。组织成员会定期集会,共同写作、辩论、彼此联谊。成员们也计画要扩大组织规模。因此,他们创建了美国兄弟会 (fraternities) 与姊妹会 (sororities) 的运作与符号象征:秘密誓言、法律规范、希腊文的训言,以及复杂的入会仪式。当威廉及玛丽学院因为独立战争而短暂关闭的时候,哈佛大学与耶鲁大学接下了斐陶斐荣誉学会的新常规。

Organized by a group of enterprising undergraduates, Phi Beta Kappa was the nation's first Greek-letter society. Its name is formed from the initial letters of the Greek words for philosophia biou kubernetes, meaning "Philosophy, the Guide of Life." Members met regularly to write, debate, and socialize. They also planned to expand the organization. In doing so, they established the practices and symbols typical of American fraternities and sororities: an oath of secrecy, a code of laws, mottoes in Greek and Latin, and an elaborate initiation ritual. When the Revolutionary War forced William and Mary to close for a time, Harvard and Yale took over the new Phi Beta Kappa tradition.
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