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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
Trenton, New Jersey in 1909
从这张1909年纽泽西首府特仑顿 (Trenton) 的照片可看出当时花园之州已经开发得相当完善了

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纽泽西 (New Jersey) 通过宪法

纽泽西也是普林斯顿大学与罗杰斯大学 (Rogers University) 的所在地。歌手法兰克辛那屈 (Frank Sinatra) 来自"泽西" (Jersey) ,主张妇女参政权的爱丽斯保罗 (Alice Paul) 、足球教练艾隆佐史戴格 (Alonzo Stagg) ,以及音乐家布鲁斯史宾斯汀 (Bruce Springsteen) 、萝伦希尔 (Lauryn Hill) 等人也都是来自纽泽西。此外,纽泽西也是「露西大象之家」 (Lucy the Elephant) 所在地,这是1881年在亚特兰大市是所建造的美国地标之一。威尔逊总统 (Woodrow Wilson) 、汽车制造商亨利福特等人都曾经走进这个巨大的象形建筑物 (露西) 。虽然纽泽西时常笼罩在旁边的大都会纽约的阴影之下,但是当地的居民都知道纽泽西充满着许多丰富的资源,以及多样化且生气盎然的特质。

New Jersey is home to Princeton University and Rutgers University. Singer Frank Sinatra was from "Jersey," as were suffragist Alice Paul, football coach Alonzo Stagg, and musicians Bruce Springsteen and Lauryn Hill. It is also home to Lucy the Elephant, an American landmark built in Atlantic City in 1881. President Woodrow Wilson stepped inside the giant elephant-shaped building, Lucy, as did car manufacturer Henry Ford. New Jersey often is seen in the shadow of its metropolis neighbor New York. But residents know the amazing resources the state has to offer, as well as its diverse and lively personality.

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