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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
A 1706 map of New Jersey

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纽泽西 (New Jersey) 通过宪法:17871218

18世纪时,纽泽西因为拥有许多肥沃的土壤,而得到「花园之州」的昵称。但是在接下来的两个世纪里,农地大多转变成为都市工业用地。除了出口货物到世界各地之外,纽泽西也是一个受欢迎的观光旅游地点。长达125英里的海岸线,带着沁凉的海风,都吸引着都市居民到这里度假。1800年代,许多休假者涌进位在长枝海滨 (Longbranch) 以及五月岬 (Cape May) 的度假村里,葛兰特总统也是其中之一。而亚特兰大市的木板路也吸引了来自世界各地的观光客。

New Jersey gained its nickname of the "Garden State" in the 18th century, because it had so much rich and fertile soil. But over the next two centuries, farmland has given way to urban industry. In addition to exporting goods all over the world, New Jersey is also a popular tourist destination. One hundred twenty-five miles of coastline with cool ocean breezes tempt city dwellers to vacation here. President Grant was among the vacationers in the 1800s who flocked to resorts at Longbranch and Cape May. Open in 1870, the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk continues to draw visitors from all around the world.
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