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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
A Map of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, and the Three Delaware Counties, 1749.

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爱国人士纳珊海尔 (Nathan Hale) 被吊死1776922

1775419日,纳珊海尔的五个兄弟在麻州的莱欣顿 (Lexington) 与康柯 (Concord) 等地与英军作战。纳珊在同年76日添加他们。从那之后,纳珊迅速的晋升为部队里的上尉。当英国将军威廉豪威 (William Howe) 在长岛 (Long Island) 地区开始集结部队时,纳珊正在乔治华盛顿将军的部队里作战。后来,华盛顿带领他的部队进入曼哈顿岛。在哈伦高地 (Harlem Heights) 的战役里,华盛顿与豪威正式交战。于是,华盛顿征求一位自愿者到敌军后方进行一侦察任务。海尔大步向前,自愿接下这项任务。

Five of Nathan Hale's brothers fought the British at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, on April 19, 1775. Nathan joined them on July 6. From there, he quickly rose to the rank of captain in the military. He fought under General George Washington in New York, as British General William Howe began a military build-up on Long Island. Washington took his army onto Manhattan Island. At the battle of Harlem Heights, Washington, facing Howe in battle yet again, asked for a volunteer to go on a spy mission behind enemy lines. Hale stepped forward.

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