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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
New building at Dartmouth College
达特茅斯伯爵砌下达特茅斯学院新建筑物的基石 (1904)

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伊利札惠洛克教士 (Reverend Eleazar Wheelock) 成立了达特茅斯学院

俗称「绿衫军」 (Big Green) 的达特茅斯学院是全美最着名的大学之一,但是这间学校最初只是一栋木屋而已。一个叫做伊利札惠洛克的教士在17691213日在英国皇室的许可下,成立了这间学校。 1754年开始,惠洛克就一直想要成立一间让印地安原住民就读的慈善学校。当他搬到新罕布夏州之后,经由州长托马斯温沃士的协助,他顺利取得成立学校的许可。这间学校成立的宗旨就在于提供「适当的教育与指导给年轻人与这块土地上的印地安族人……与英国年轻人和其他人。」

The "Big Green," Dartmouth College, is one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S., but it started out in a log hut. A minister, Reverend Eleazar Wheelock, founded this college with a royal charter on December 13, 1769. Since 1754, Wheelock had been trying to sustain a Charity School for Native Americans. Moving to the province of New Hampshire, he succeeded with the help of Royal Governor Thomas Wentworth in obtaining the charter for a college. It would provide "education and instruction of Youth and of the Indian Tribes in this Land . . . and also of English Youth and any others."

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