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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
Cumberland Gap
坎伯兰岬口 (Cumberland Gap)

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丹尼尔布恩 (Daniel Boone) 率先发现现今肯塔基州的林地

有好几个月,布恩一个人跋涉在几乎没有其他英裔美人走过的阿帕拉契山脉 (Appalachian Mountains) 森林里。到了1769年的67日,布恩走到山脉的最高处,他看到了一大片的林地,那就是现在的肯塔基州。他知道他已经穿越山脉,走到山脉另一边的森林了。这条路径也就是着名的「荒野之路」 (Wilderness Road) ,也是人们到达西边所必须经过的主要道路之一。这条道路也开启了探险更多土地的机会。

For months, Boone trekked through forests in the Appalachian Mountains, where few Anglo-Americans had ever been. On June 7, 1769, Boone reached the summit of a ridge and saw the woodlands of what is now Kentucky. He realized then that he had made it across the mountains to the forests on the other side. This trail became known as Wilderness Road and would become one of the main roads for people traveling west. It opened up vast amounts of land for further exploration.
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