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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
A S.W. view of the Baptist Meeting House, Providence, R.I.' August 1789.
罗德岛上的浸礼会议堂 (Baptist Meeting House)

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爱诺克布鲁克斯 (Enoch Brooks) 在做工精细的象形文圣经 (Hieroglyphick Bible) 上签名

在美国独立革命初期,托马斯的报纸「麻州间谍报」 (Massachusetts Spy) 就报导人们亲眼看见的莱欣顿与康柯战役情况。这些报导使人们更加反对英国的统治,进而促成美国的独立。他的报纸也让英国政府感到愤怒。为了继续他的工作,托马斯逃到麻州的沃瑟斯特 (Worcester) 。在那里,他创办了「麻州杂志」 (Massachusetts Magazine) 。这张美丽的版画就出现在1789年出版的某一期杂志里。

作为一个书籍的爱好者,托马斯有大约8000本藏书。在他临死之前,他把这些书全都捐给「美国古物学会」 (American Antiquarian Society) 。直到今天,这个学会还保有1821年以来,在美国出版所有书籍中的三分之二多。在你的图书馆里有多少书呢?你或你的家人有没有这种做工精细的书呢?

During the early part of the American Revolution, Thomas's newspaper, the Massachusetts Spy, published eyewitness accounts of the battles of Lexington and Concord. These stories strengthened the popular resistance to British rule that would lead to the country's independence. His newspaper made the British authorities angry. To continue his work, Thomas fled to Worcester, Massachusetts. There he created the Massachusetts Magazine. This lovely engraving was featured in an issue in 1789.

A lover of books, Thomas had a collection of 8,000 titles, which he donated at the end of his life to the American Antiquarian Society. Today, the society has two-thirds of all the books printed in the United States up to 1821! How many books do you have in your library? Do you or your family have any "curious" books?

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