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Heiroglyphick Bible

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爱诺克布鲁克斯 (Enoch Brooks) 在做工精细的象形文圣经 (Hieroglyphick Bible) 上签名

你对这本「稀奇」的书有什么看法?这些书页是翻印自1788年在美国发行的精美象形文圣经 (Curious Hieroglyphick Bible) 一书。在当时,「稀有」 (curious) 代表做工精细的意思。这本特殊的童书是当前世界上仅剩下的四本其中之一,而这本是属于一个叫做爱诺克布鲁克斯的男孩所有。西元1789313日,小布鲁克斯在纽泽西的普林斯顿镇上,把他的名字签在书的封面内侧上。 


What do you think of this "curious" book? These pages are from A Curious Hieroglyphick Bible, printed in the U.S. in 1788. At that time, "curious" meant carefully made. This particular copy of the children's book, one of only four that exist in the world, belonged to a boy named Enoch Brooks. Young Brooks inscribed his name inside the cover on March 13, 1789, in Princeton, New Jersey.

The illustrations you see are made from woodcuts. Perhaps you've made them in art class, carving around an image on a block of wood, smearing ink on the carved picture, and pressing it to paper. This book contains nearly 500 woodcut prints, more than any other in America at the time. Who printed this curious Bible?

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