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Jump Back in Time 獨立戰爭期間 (1764-1789)
Apples and peddlers, Steele, Missouri, 1938

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你可能从歌曲或故事里听过「约翰苹果子」的传说:根据故事及歌谣,约翰把他的苹果子洒在全国各地。你知道真的有「约翰苹果子」这个人吗?他的名字叫做强纳森崔普曼 (Jonathan Chapman) 。他于1775926日在麻州出生。崔普曼之所以有这个外号,是因为当他在横越中西部十万平方英里的荒漠与草原时,他也同时栽种了一些果树林,以及许多苹果树。他是真实的,致力于苗圃的专业者。

You've probably heard about the legendary "Johnny Appleseed" who, according to story and song, spread his apple seeds all over the nation. Did you know there really was a "Johnny Appleseed"? His name was Jonathan Chapman. Born in Massachusetts on September 26, 1775, Chapman earned his nickname because he planted small orchards and individual apple trees during his travels as he walked across 100,000 square miles of Midwestern wilderness and prairie. He was a genuine and dedicated professional nurseryman.
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