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Jump Back in Time 独立战争期间 (1764-1789)
Washington Midway Between the Two Armies at Princeton

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如果由你来组成一个新的国家,你会如何运作?一个领导人会不会只有一个,或者是由每一州推派代表共同领导?大州是否应该比小州有更多的代表和票数?第二届的大陆会议针对类似的议题,辩论了一年之久。到了1777年11月15日,第二届的大陆会议终于通过邦联条例 (Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union) 。不过这个条例还是需要各州批准才能生效。

How does a country become a country? When the Colonies declared their independence from Britain, they had a flag and an army. What they lacked was a government.

If you were forming a new country, how would you run it? Would there be one leader, or representatives from each state? Would larger states have more representatives and more votes than smaller states? The second Continental Congress debated similar issues for one year. On November 15, 1777, the second Continental Congress adopted the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. Then they needed approval from the states.

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