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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Mrs. Sarah Childress Polk

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詹姆斯.波尔克 (James K. Polk) 获选为美国第11任总统

但是波尔克却因为忙于政治事业,而忽略了自己的身体健康。他满怀壮志、精力充沛的就任总统,但在他53岁离开公职时却显得精疲力尽。就在他卸任总统之后,他回曾经担任州长的田纳西州家中。不到四个月的时间,波尔克在那什维尔的「波尔克之家」去世。后来,他的妻子莎拉.契尔德斯.波尔克 (Sarah Childress Polk) 在那里独自生活了42年之久,并招待了许多访客。在内战期间,莎拉曾招待过北方与南方联盟的领导人物。「波尔克之家」变成旅游者必经之处,即使是在血腥的那什维尔战争中,这个地方也被视为一个永久中立的地区,而不受战火波及。詹姆斯与莎拉.波尔克在美国扩张领土的历史上留下了重要的事迹。

But Polk's considerable political accomplishments took their toll on his health. Full of enthusiasm and vigor when he entered office, Polk left the White House at the age of 53, exhausted. He died less than four months later at his new home, "Polk Place," in Nashville, Tennessee, the state he had served as governor. Polk's wife, Sarah Childress Polk, lived there another 42 years, hosting many visitors. During the Civil War, she welcomed both Union and Confederate leaders. "Polk Place" became a pilgrimage destination and was respected as neutral ground, even during the bloody Battle of Nashville. James and Sarah Polk left an important legacy to a greatly expanded United States.

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