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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Elevator in Lord and Taylor department store
电梯-这个欧提司的新发明让人们能到达比以往更高的地方 (图中是在Lord & Taylor百货公司里的电梯)

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欧提司 (Otis) 开始了电梯工业

如果没有爱利夏.葛瑞夫.欧提司 (Elisha Graves Otis) 的发明,摩天大楼永远不可能被建好。你知道这项发明是什么吗?欧提司于1853920日,在纽约扬克斯 (Yonkers) 市的哈德逊河岸边开了一间小小工厂,专门生产搭配他最新发明的自动安全装置--电梯。他刚谈好了一笔新生意,有客户订做了两部搭配新设备的运货电梯,于是他放弃原先参加加州淘金潮的计画。但是六个月之后,他却没有再接到第二件订单。你知道他作了什么吗?

Skyscrapers could not have been built without Elisha Graves Otis's invention. Any guesses as to what that was? Otis opened a small factory on the banks of the Hudson River in Yonkers, New York, on September 20, 1853, to make elevators, fully equipped with his newly invented automatic safety device. Having received an order for two freight elevators with the new device, Otis abandoned his plans to join the California Gold Rush. But after six months, he hadn't received a second order. What do you think he did?
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