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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Crater Lake, Oregon
奥勒冈的「克瑞特火口湖」 (摄于1913年)

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国会创建奥勒冈 (Oregon) 领土


拓荒者很早就开始向西部前进了。在1843年,一个叫做彼得.伯内特 (Peter Burnett) 来自密苏里州的律师决定添加前往奥勒冈领土探险的特遣队,他希望他能够在那里赚到足够的钱来偿还自己留在东岸的负债。大概40年后,伯内特回忆着说:「我看到一个大型的美国人社群在那里成长,几年之内,包括太平洋沿岸等区域区域已经相当繁荣了。我觉得自己也有投入到那个区域打拚的热忱与希望。

Have you ever been to the Pacific Northwest? On August 14, 1848, Congress created the Oregon Territory, an area that includes what is today Oregon, Idaho, Washington, and western Montana. The Oregon Territory quickly became a popular place for various groups of immigrants and settlers.

Settlers had been traveling west for years. In 1843, one Missouri lawyer named Peter Burnett decided to join an expedition for the Oregon Territory in the hopes that he would be able to make enough money to repay his debts back east. Some 40 years later, Burnett recalled, "I saw that a great American community would grow up, in the space of a few years, upon the shores of the distant Pacific; and I felt an ardent desire to aid in this most important enterprise."

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