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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革


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密西根成为美国的一州: 1837126

如果你很快速的念出「欧吉布威」 (欧-吉布-威) (Ojibwa) ,听起来就会有一点像是在念「密西根」 (Michigan) 。密西根的名称是因为当地的印第安语「欧吉布威」而来,意思就是「大湖」 (large lake) 。美国五大湖中有四座湖泊都和密西根相邻。五大湖是美国最大的湖群。即使是在密西根成为美国一州之前,在湖泊四周已经有许多大型城镇出现了。

Say "Ojibwa" (O-'jib-way) quickly and it might just sound a little like "Michigan." Michigan derived its name from the Indian word "Ojibwa" which means "large lake." Four of the five Great Lakes, the largest lakes in the United States, border Michigan. Even before Michigan became a state, large towns grew up along the edge of the lakes.

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