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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Panoramic photo of Alton, Illinois

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伊莱亚.佩利许.洛夫乔伊 (Elijah Parish Lovejoy) 被一群支持奴隶制度的暴民所杀

1837年,洛夫乔伊大声疾呼要求立即释放所有奴隶。当报纸的全国发行量增加的时候,当地某些看到洛夫乔伊报导的蓄奴者感到相当愤怒。因为奴隶议题而引发的暴动事件越来越多,有几次还毁坏了洛夫乔伊的报社。作为一个丈夫与父亲,洛夫乔伊担心家人的安危,所以全家搬到没有蓄奴问题的伊利诺州的阿顿市 (Alton) ,希望能让暴民的怒火冷静下来。但是,当新的一期报纸于183711月出版后,暴力事件又开始增加了。

By 1837, Lovejoy called for immediate universal emancipation (complete freedom from slavery). While national circulation of the paper increased, locals who supported slavery became angry. Mob violence increased over the slavery issue, several times destroying Lovejoy's presses. As a husband and father, Lovejoy feared for his family's safety, so they moved to Alton, in the free state of Illinois, hoping to cool the fires. When a new press arrived in November 1837, violence escalated.
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