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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
A slave woman's appeal to her white sisters

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伊莱亚.佩利许.洛夫乔伊 (Elijah Parish Lovejoy) 被一群支持奴隶制度的暴民所杀

1837117日,伊莱亚.佩利许.落夫乔伊在保卫自己发行的、主张反奴隶制度的报纸--「圣路易士观察家报」 (The Saint Louis Observer) --发行处时,被一个支持奴隶制度的暴民所杀。他的死亡深深影响到许多北方民众,并且让他们更想要废除奴隶制度。谁是洛夫乔伊,为什么他的死亡会造成整个国家如此强烈的反应呢? 

1802年出生在缅因州艾尔边地区的洛夫乔伊,在大学毕业后到中西部寻求他的人生。后来,他成为「圣路易士时报」 (The St. Louis Times) 的编辑与合伙人。

On November 7, 1837, Elijah Parish Lovejoy was killed by a pro-slavery mob while defending the site of his anti-slavery newspaper, The Saint Louis Observer. His death deeply affected many Northerners and greatly strengthened the abolitionist (anti-slavery) cause. Who was Lovejoy and why did his death cause such a strong reaction around the country?

Lovejoy, born in 1802, in Albion, Maine, sought his fortune in the Midwest after his college graduation. Over time, he became editor and part-owner of The St. Louis Times.

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