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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Joseph Jenkins Roberts, 1851
约瑟夫.詹金斯.罗伯兹 (摄于1851年)

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赖比瑞亚 (Liberia) 的独立

一位从弗吉尼亚州来的年轻非裔美国人约瑟夫.詹金斯.罗伯兹 (Joseph Jenkins Roberts) 1847726日宣布西非的赖比瑞亚殖民地为独立的国家。第二年,他成为这个新国家的第一任总统。1829年,罗伯兹在20岁的时候从弗吉尼亚的彼得斯堡 (Petersburg) 搬到赖比瑞亚。在那时候,赖比瑞亚还是由一群美国人所拥有的殖民地。这群人是谁,他们想要在赖比瑞亚作些什么呢?

A young African American man from Virginia named Joseph Jenkins Roberts declared the colony of Liberia in West Africa an independent republic on July 26, 1847. The following year he became the first elected president of the new country. Roberts had moved there in 1829 at the age of twenty from Petersburg, Virginia. At that time, Liberia was a colony owned by a group of people in the United States. Who were they, and what did they plan to do with Liberia?

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