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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
J Street, Sacramento, 1853

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拓荒者在沙加缅度 (Sacramento) 的生活

你有没有想过加州在「淘金热」时的情景是什么样子的呢?在1849年,当苏特河 (Sutter’s Creek) 发现金子的消息公布之后,有四万名被称为「四十九淘金者 (forty-niners)的人远渡重洋到加州淘金。更有成千上万的拓荒者跋涉到加州;这些人都被查找黄金和能够致富的梦想所诱惑。纽约贸易商法兰克林.柏克 (Franklin A. Buck) 的也是这群人中的一个,到西部寻找他的财富。当时柏克只有20岁,他辞去纽约的工作,在18491月搭船前往加州。在1849年的1125日,他写了一封信给他的姊姊玛丽,说明他在沙加缅度这个新兴都市的各种经验。柏克在那里开了一间杂货店,生意就像这个新城市一样热络。

Did you ever wonder what it would have been like to head for California during the Gold Rush? In 1849, after the announcement that gold was discovered in Sutter's Creek, 40,000 people, called forty-niners, traveled to California by sea. Thousands more traveled across land. They were lured by the prospect of finding gold and riches. Yankee trader Franklin A. Buck was among those who headed west to seek his fortune. Just 20 years old, Buck left his job in New York and set sail for California in January 1849. On November 25, 1849, he wrote a letter to his sister Mary about his experiences in the boomtown of Sacramento City. Buck opened a supply store there and business was booming like the town!

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