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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Guadalupe Mountains near El Paso, Texas

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哥斯登购买计画 (Gadsden Purchase) 在墨西哥市正式签署

美国战争部部长杰佛逊.戴维斯 (Jefferson Davis) 派遣哥斯登与圣塔.安那进行土地谈判。和所有人一样,大卫斯认为这一整片的土地很适合建造南方横贯大陆的铁道系统。这条铁道线将会连接西部领土与东部及北部地区,可以让人们更容易到达这些新的土地。在1869年时,人称「四大亨」的四位西部铁道建筑大亨:柯立斯.杭廷顿 (Collis P. Huntington) 、李蓝.史丹佛 (Leland Stanford) 、马克.霍普金斯 (Mark Hopkins) ,以及查尔斯.克洛克尔 (Charles Crocker) 等四人共同成立了「中太平洋铁道公司」」 (Central Pacific Railroad) ,其铁道线向东延展到西拉.内华达山 (Sierra Nevada Mountain) ,与犹他州,并且和「联合太平洋铁道公司」 (Union Pacific) 连接在一起,构成了第一条横贯整个美国大陆的铁道线。

U.S. Secretary of War Jefferson Davis had sent Gadsden to negotiate with Santa Anna for the land. Davis valued it, as others did, as the perfect tract for the construction of the southern transcontinental railroad. The railroad line would connect western territories to the east and north, greatly increasing the accessibility of these new lands. By 1869, the "big four" of western railroad construction--Collis P. Huntington, Leland Stanford, Mark Hopkins, and Charles Crocker--had pushed the Central Pacific Railroad line eastward over the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Utah to join with the Union Pacific, completing the first transcontinental railroad.
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