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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
General John C. Frémont

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约翰.福瑞蒙特 (John C. Frémont) 被控叛乱


在西部拓荒时期因为制作精确地图而受到表扬的约翰.福瑞蒙特少校,在1848131日被以叛乱罪与不服从命令的罪名送交军法审判。福瑞蒙特因为在墨西哥战争 (1846-1848) 中表现优异,所以在1847年被任命为加州州长。加州在战争退出后被墨西哥割让给美国。 

然而,联邦政府却派遣史蒂芬.基尔米 (Stephen Kearmy) 将军负责管理加州。基尔米与福瑞蒙特之间的紧张关系因为究竟谁有管理加州的职权而不断的升高。在18478月,基尔米以不服从命令的理由,下令逮捕福瑞蒙特。福瑞蒙特在军事法庭中被判有罪,必须离开军队。虽然詹姆斯.波尔克总统后来撤消了这项判决,但是福瑞蒙特还是选择辞去军职。

What happens when two governors are appointed for one territory? In Major John C. Frémont's case, he was given a court-martial.

Major John C. Frémont, admired for his map-making expeditions to the West, was court-martialed on the grounds of mutiny and disobeying orders on January 31, 1848. Frémont was appointed governor of California in 1847 in recognition of his role in the Mexican war (1846-1848). California had recently been ceded to the United States by Mexico following that war.

General Stephen Kearny, however, was sent by the federal government to govern the state. Tension arose between Kearny and Frémont over who had governing authority. In August 1847, Kearny ordered Frémont arrested and charged with insubordination. Frémont was found guilty by a court-martial and subjected to penalties, including removal from the army. Although this decision was reversed by President James K. Polk, Frémont chose to resign his military commission.

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