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芬妮.法默 (Fanny Farmer)

浓郁的巧克力蛋糕、柔软的燕麦饼、美味的肉饼、辛辣的起士酱--如果你曾经想过要找这些食物的食谱,或者是想作一些好吃的食物,你应该看看「芬妮.法默的食谱」 (Fanny Farmer Cookbook) 。芬妮.美丽特.法默 (Fanny Merritt Farmer) 1857323日出生在波士顿,她的食谱与作菜指导,对美国人民作菜的方式影响很大。「芬妮.法默的食谱」在1896年出版时,立刻成为畅销经典着作,现在已经出到第13版了,仍然相当受欢迎。你的厨房有没有这本食谱呢?这本食谱独特之处到底在哪里呢?

Rich chocolate cake, chewy oatmeal cookies, savory meatloaf, spicy cheese dip--if you're ever looking for one of these recipes, or any number of delicious food creations, try looking in the Fannie Farmer Cookbook. Born on March 23, 1857, Bostonian Fannie Merritt Farmer greatly influenced the way Americans cook through her books and instruction. The Fannie Farmer Cookbook was an immediate classic when it was published in 1896. Now in its 13th edition, it's still a popular cookbook. Do you have one in your kitchen? What makes this cookbook unique?

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