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Jump Back in Time 西部扩张与改革
Times Building Under Construction, New York, New York, ca. 1903.

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建筑师赛洛斯.爱德利兹 (Cyrus Eidlitz) 出生

你有没有在电视上看过新年倒数?如果有,你一定看过在纽约时代广场 (Times Square) 前那一大片兴奋的人群,在这些人的面前就是一面有着灯光的巨大看板的大楼。那栋大楼就是由建筑师赛洛斯.爱德利兹在1904年设计的「时报大楼」 (Times Building) 。爱德利兹于1853727日生于纽约市。他的父亲李奥帕.爱德利兹 (Leopold Eidlitz) 出生在葡萄牙,同样也是一位建筑师。老爱德利兹在19世纪后半带领了美国歌德式建筑的复兴,并且设立了「美国建筑师研究所」 (American Institute of Architects) 。他的儿子也跟随父亲的脚步,走上类似的道路。

Have you ever watched the countdown to the New Year on television? If you have, you've seen huge, cheering crowds gathered in New York's Times Square, and above the crowds is a building with a giant billboard of electric lights. That building is the Times Building, designed by architect Cyrus Eidlitz in 1904. Eidlitz was born on July 27, 1853, in New York, New York. His father, Prague-born Leopold Eidlitz, was also an architect. The elder Eidlitz led the American Gothic revival of the second half of the 19th Century, and formed the American Institute of Architects. His son followed closely in his footsteps.

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